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I am a working artist


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Amélie Beaudroit. 

I am an artist, writer, dreamer, a narrative designer and a gardener. I like jokes, goat cheese with olive oil, the beach, I like flowers, Turner and Rothko and Joan Mitchell and Paul Klee and many many other painters, I like quantum physics and astrophysics, I like the sky, birds who fly high in flocks, I like a good scary story, I like to drink gentiane and all the french will laugh at this but it's still true. But the one thing I like the most is our planet, its variety, its beauty, its wild landscapes and in all my works what preoccupies me is why are we acting the way we do? Why is it so hard for us to live our lives considering the ecological issue? Why do we think that everything that surround us isn't nature, why do we think that does it make us less guilty to interact with nature we've transformed and exploited than when we look at an Icelandic glacier?


I paint abstract landscapes and seascapes where the lines of physical and psychological reality are blurred.

I paint landscapes as I investigate my identity and our western vision of society and its relation to nature and happiness. I think our western conception of happiness is at the source of both the burnout generation and the climate crisis. To be happy we must be successful and success means we can buy more than what we need, and this means we waste the precious resources of our planet because... I'm not sure we even know.

In my work I paint split landscapes and seascapes as if they were lingering memories of a thing we had been disconnected from. How will we remember it? How will it look like in 10, 20, 50, 100 years from now if we still don't stop to question what we're doing wrong?

My dearest wish and my stronger motivation is for my work to remind us of what truly makes us happy, of the role of beauty, of where we find it. I hope my work can help raise consciousness about the ecological issue in a way that we will embrace change because this change will make us happier humans on a planet we care for. 

Amelie Beaudroit was born in Nimes France and she works in Canada. She graduated in Social and Cognitive Psychology and is a self taught artist. She has been a resident at the art student league NY and Kokkola art center (Finland). Her work has been shown internationally and is included in the museum Da Cidade (Portugal) permanent collection and is part of private collections in France, UK, the US and India.


Her studio is open to visitors, if you want to pay a visit, contact me. If you have a question about a painting, a commission, a project,  an upcoming exhibition, or if you just want to talk don't hesitate to use the link. 


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