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I am a working artist


If you want to support my research, give me more visibility, receive news about the ongoing work in the studio, you can become a patron:




Selected Exhibitions: 


March 7th - Aprill 11th 2018:, 3 persons show about environmental impact of human activities, Garden room gallery, dartington hall, Totnes, Devon, UK

2017: Group exhibition, National library parliement, Tbilisi, Georgia. 

2017: Solo exhibition PARI museum, North Carolina, The pulsar's Journey


2016: Novus Conceptum - Hannah Bacol Busch Gallery - Bellaire TX USA


2016: Le dame Gallery - Melia White House - London UK


2015: Crossing Thresholds: Tettix Gallery - Thessaloniki Greece


2015: Natural wonder: Governor's school - Greenville (SC) USA


2015: Platform 8: Leyden Gallery - London, UK


2015: Poetry In Visual : Museu De Cidade Aveiro - Portugal


2014: Governor's school Gallery, Greenville (SC), USA


2014: Obre Enea Gallery, Poétique du geste, Anglet, France


2014: Hampstead Art Fair, London, Olivia Connelly


2014: Open Studio, The Arts Students League, NY USA


2014: Open Studio, The Rensing center, SC USA


2014: Battersea Art Fair, London, Olivia Connelly, March 2014


2013: Obre Enea Gallery, Anglet, France, October 2013


2013: Artist In Residence at the Nordic Art centre, Finland, July 2013


2013: Group Show at the Brick Lane Gallery, London, May 2013


2012: Group Show at the Salon d’Automne, Colomiers, France, October 2012


2012: Group Show Colours of the world, Roccella Jonica, Italy, Sept / Oct 2012, curated by Eva Czerkl


2012: Group show in Basel during the Artbasel43 fair, june 2012, curated by Galleria zero




NOV 2016 The Pulsar's Journey Catalogue:

AUG 2016 The story of the land and the sea, artbook 


SEPT 2015 ART Reveal, online magazine, trevealmagazine/docs/no9

JULY 2015 Poetry in visual, the exhibition catalogue.


NOVEMBER 2014 ARTiculAtion, interview


Colors from the world the exhibition catalogue ISBN 978-88-8460-284-8


JUIN 2013 ARTiculAction, interview




Master degree in cognitive and social Psychology


Artist Residencies: 

2016: Wildacres retreat, NC, USA, 5 weeks

2014 - USA, SC, The Rensing Centre, Pickens, February, 5 weeks

2014 - USA, NY, The Arts students league, May, 4 weeks


2013 - FINLAND, The Drake Art Centre, Kokkola, July, 4 weeks


2012 - INDIA, Somenath Maity studio, Kolkata, February




Grant award from the Eaton fund


Private collections in US, India, France and England.

Permanent collection of the Museu Da Cidade (Aveiro, Portugal)


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