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Born 6th of january 1982 in Nîmes  France

Lives and works in Montreal Canada, after a detour around Scotland, London, Slovakia and a lost village in France.

I have long been fascinated by the blur, the fog, the light, all the invisible forces that surround us, modify us and keep us still. I am interested in the interaction between our environment and our identity. How our context influences us, how it participates in defining our identity, how we try to influence the world we live in?

What does it mean today to live our lives when it implies to destroy our environment and the source of life itself? 

This is the question that preoccupies me. 

I use images of the land and the sea to investigate this question. Blurred landscapes, as blur as our connection to nature has become. I paint pictures of piers that humans have build and that are torn down by the elements... 
Why is it so difficult for us to be part of this, why do we need to control, transform, exploit and be at the center of it all so much? 

This edge between us, and nature has become a gap and I feel we are loosing touch with our world and it makes people unhappy as well and it makes the planet less inhabitable day by day. I want to remind people that everything they touch is nature, that transformed nature is nature nonetheless, I want to paint landscapes in small formats to make it look less gigantic, less far from us, I want to emphasize the lines and the blur and help us ask ourselves what happiness really means? Is it really a bigger house full of bigger things? Or is it time to contemplate the beauty that surrounds us and live a life of harmony? 

I have studied social and cognitive psychology and the state of flow is my main research focus, I think through this we learn who we are, what we strive for. I have been raised on a farm and I grew up with a garden eating only what was available in the season. Environmental issues preoccupy me, a lot. I work as a game designer and writer and User experience researcher, I have learned to study people yet these questions still puzzle me and the most meaningful thing that I can do is investigate those questions through my art. 

If you have read this page, it looks like you're interested. You should probably check the Patreon posts here.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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